Veerle Melis is a self-taught textile artist/craftsperson and is based between Brussels and Tilburg.

Taking inspiration from this autodidactic background, her work can be seen as an ongoing meditation on the ingenuity of (human) nature and on what it means to create. Performing countless repetitive gestures, she learns from her materials and the environment in which she works. These manual gestures, the making of a sketch, material-specific characteristics, conceptual ideas, family histories, slips of materials and attention, little mistakes and other unforeseeable events bring forth inspiration and insights that find their place in her works. Being attentive to these insightful moments leads to a belly-button understanding of and humble stance towards creative phenomena and the world’s different unfoldings. Traces of these insightful moments can be found back in small technical details as well as in the thematics of her works.


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